Dilatations Hors Normes №01 Colette Sigma as Simone (French – Extreme Insertion)

Enhancement Oversize 1
Country: France
Studio: Video Lucy
Directed by: Fabien Lafait
Summary: A specific film dilatations extremes. The world file crushed again! 210 matches fire within the vaginal area and rectum at the similar time!The orifices are dilated by huge items (dildo-fist, bottle of milk, huge salami, geisha balls within the rectum, 4 onions into the vaginal area) as well as a amount of coloured pencils (a number of hundred) and fireside matches (210 whole) that was fired up … This film passes by cost effective limits.As a reward, a woman-fountain, thrice, blowing leaves his enjoyment, like an individual having a good time with his thighs and flooding.

Video: Xvid 512×352 25.00fps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps [Audio 0]
Measurement:733.5 mb

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