Your House of Morecock

Introduce Year: 2001
Studio: Greenwood Cooper House Video
Strong: Joe Phillips ,Jason Rodriguez
Genres: Animation, Comix, Dream

In October 2001 the studio Greenwood Cooper House Video has actually released the world’s very first full-length homosexual animation for grownups (apart from the Japanese anime). The film "The House of Morecock" ("House of the enormous member"), in addition usually referred to as the "animated journey Jonas Big Member" – a collection of 9 episodes, with unidentified animals, young boys – geishas, ​​online sexual intercourse experiences within the woods and with the sailors. The movement starts with the indisputable reality that Jonas lastly winds up on 2 people potsuchavshihsya at his door, after which he started his sexual intercourse experiences. Then Jonas goes in mission of the Sea serpent, the location he fulfills a red-haired krasavtsika and the Monster. Jonas has actually sposobnostb not exclusively to look for journey in your ass, and beautiful young boys on the highway. Jonas is participated in group sexual intercourse with the young boys, consults with the "Big Foot" and even fucks with historical figures. There might be in addition a fan of the episode for "The X-Recordsdata", in addition ending orgy.
The work of cartoonist – canceled, comic discussions, and the matchless voice of the storyteller (much like the voice of Harvey Fierstayna).
The content product of the collection:
Episode 1: Jonas informs us about himself, whereas anticipating him to communicate a brand name brand-new harddisk in your pc. The chaps who presented the disk are so cool! The air hangs sexual pressure ….
Episode 2: Inviting us to his lovely ultsbkoy, Jonas speaks about his journey in mission of the Sea serpent … Nevertheless he discovers not exclusively him nevertheless the more youthful Scot …..
Episode 3: It is declared that sailors rarely make love with any person … Nevertheless Jonas brings with them the total night. After which out of no place appears digger, gold candidate … that with the main punch clock vanishes in 3 nights …
Episode 4: The Jonas chooses to go to relaxation. However it’s so trendy among the fellows that exclusively he can’t keep. And who else nevertheless it might conserve the water, when Jonas was almost drowned?
Episode 5: Free journey to Mexico leaves Jonas bigger secrets than reminiscences. Whereas he was anticipating the airplane, he chooses to mess around with thought about among the residents. What takes place on this episode after which – merely fanatstika!
Episode 6: The House, in entryway of a fireside, Jonas states of his journey in mission of the famous enormous foot. Jonas almost lost, nevertheless an attractive wood-cutter – a northerner uses him a serving to hand. Jointly, they reveal that each that discuss enormous foot – the truth.
Episode 7: On the celebration, Jonas being recorded by aliens. Nevertheless earlier than he acquired some type of "have a look at millennium", he saved 2 randy FBI representative, and in reality, among them ladies, each within the X-files. Efficiently, "have a look at" the brokers themselves do Jonas
Episode 8: The Jonas goes on a journey to Japan. After walking round the stunning island, it drops in the tub, the location it’s signed up with by randy native homeowner. Jonas really wanted to take a break from journey … nevertheless something he does not considerably do it
Episode 9: Standing within the bathe, Jonas finds that rests on the crossroads in between paradise and hell. The angel and a satanic force trying to hire him into their ranks, each spectacular and Jonas …. Efficiently what can I finish with relatively young boys?

Format: avi
Length: 55:17
Video: 512×400, DivX 3, 1385kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Submit measurement: 616.9 MB

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